Something I really appreciate about Persona 5

I want to write about this game, I really do. I’m about 55 hours in and really enjoying it. My weekends consist of playing this game, wishing I was a Phantom Thief. It’s amazing.


I want to write about it, but I want to wait until I’m finished it first. One thing I want to write about now is the battle system and that in the year 2017, Persona 5 is not afraid to present players a turn based RPG.

Final Fantasy X, one of my favourite games ever, featured perhaps the best turn-based battle system of any RPG. Persona 5 gives it a good run for its money, with players free to plan their turns and look ahead (although only as far as the next character/enemy) to make their decisions.

It’s fun and rewarding. You can exploit weakness to gain extra turns and pass those turns to other party members. Careful passing of your turn to other members can result in a near instant victory. On the other hand, it can be punishing as enemies also gain extra turns for exploiting your weaknesses.

The game demands you use your skills and abilities and does not look to compensate you by providing opportunities to heal party members all that easily.

It’s awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I totally dig Final Fantasy XV’s battle system, but it’s just not the same.


One thought on “Something I really appreciate about Persona 5

  1. Persona 5 is a class act and definitely one of the best JRPGs we’ve gotten in years!
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