This is an outlet of sorts. Sometimes I get the urge to write. Often that doesn’t eventuate because I don’t have a place to put it.

Don’t say use Facebook. Facebook sucks. Facebook is:

  1. A meme garden
  2. A social network for things I don’t really care for sharing with people who are probably uninterested
  3. An unrelenting stage play of people’s lives. A place for praise and a place for pity.

What is this really?

It’s a blog existing somewhere between a lifestyle blog and a gaming blog. As an adult working full time, I indulge in a mix of recreational and competitive gaming activities as well as, er, being an adult. I do things like eat at restaurants and pay bills (somehow).

My friends know me as either

  1. Guy who plays Pokémon Cards
  2. Guy who plays Pokémon Cards and has a full time IT job and lives in an apartment

Hopefully I’ve set expectations and I hope to do something with this. Expect a blog post soon!


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